Saturday, August 29, 2009

Seeking Ye Treasure, Me Hearty!!

Last weekend, my brilliant husband saw an article in the Everett Herald about Letterboxing. Letterboxing is like a treasure hunt. You can go to AtlasQuest to find clues of how to get to the treasure. So, we found a letterbox near us and headed out for a family adventure. In our haste to pack a picnic lunch and leave, I forgot to bring my camera to commemorate the event. It was so much fun!! Our first letterboxing experience was a pretty easy one in Forest Park called Mayan Rainforest Temple.
Since we had so much fun last weekend, we decided to try it again this weekend. Today we set out on a letterbox adventure in Howarth Park (another park near us) called The Curious Bobcat. After easily finding The Curious Bobcat, we added our stamps to their book and added their stamp to ours and returned the box to its hiding place.

Next, we headed down the hill to Howarth Park Beach. The boys went to the same beach yesterday with Celia and the other daycare kids. So they enjoyed showing us all the places they played and things they did. Even though the sun was hiding behind the clouds, it was a great morning adventure as a family!

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  1. Very exciting and great picture of you two (& the boys).

    Your title reminds me that Sept 19th is Talk Like A Pirate day! Mark your calendars!