Saturday, October 3, 2009

Gabe's 7th Birthday!

Gabe turned 7 on October 1st! Seems like we've been celebrating all week long.
On his actual birthday, we brought cookies to share with his friends at school. I felt like a hero when I walked into the classroom with the treats!! All the kids seemed really excited about celebrating with Gabe--he was, after all, only the second birthday of the year. :-)

Later that day, Gabe chose the Old Spaghetti Factory for his birthday dinner. We had a great time eating in the trolley and the nice folks there sang happy birthday to him, which he seemed to enjoy! Then we came home and opened some presents--all gifts were a big hit!

Today, we had a dinosaur party at Forest Park. There were 5 other boys there to help celebrate with us. We went on a Dinosaur Letterboxing Adventure and the kids all dug for dinosaur eggs. Then we had cupcakes and presents, of course! It was a great day!!

Happy Birthday, Gabe!!

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