Monday, July 13, 2009

Pacific Science Center

For a fun family outing this past weekend, we decided to go the Pacific Science Center! Troy and I hadn't been in years and the boys had never been. The latest exhibit is Animal Grossology, which seemed right up the boys' alleys--animals and potty words. Troy, however, was pretty uncomfortable saying the word poop and couldn't believe he had spent his hard earned money on looking at different kinds of animal poop!
One of our favorite exhibits was the dinosaurs. The boys were very impressed with how life-like they were and enjoyed taking their own pictures of them.
We also really liked the butterfly exhibit! There were so many beautiful butterflies. One butterfly landed on the ground right in front of Gabe and me--we stood and guarded it for a couple minutes but eventually moved on. Luckily it flew away soon after so it didn't get squished!

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